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Adorable baby elephant slips and slides in a kiddie pool

Inflatable kiddie pools aren’t made for elephants — this, we know. But thankfully, the wild kingdom still loves to test them, providing us with so much ridiculous cuteness.  

As the Fort Worth Zoo’s baby elephant Belle discovered on July 30, there’s more than one way to cool off in a small pool. Like most human toddlers, she lacks the coordination to hop right in, so she stumbles, slips, and slides until she’s found a comfortable position while her mom stands ever so calmly to the side.  

“The Asian elephant exhibit has a 3,200-gallon pool that the adult elephants often utilize, so keepers provided Belle with a safer, smaller-sized pool for her to play in,” Fort Worth Zoo spokesperson Katie Giangreco told in an e-mail. 

Too cute: A zookeeper hoses down baby Belle.

Born at the zoo on July 7, Belle isn’t the most aquatically-coordinated of little ones. That she already weighs upwards of 300 pounds might have something to do with it. Belle gains a few pounds every day, and continues to absorb more from her environment.

“Belle is full of personality and is learning and discovering new things every day, such as using her trunk to push, pull and lift objects (the sand in her exhibit area, hay, the pool, etc.),” Giangreco said.

Belle is the second elephant calf to be born at the zoo in its 104-year history. And don't worry — when the time comes, she'll graduate to bigger surroundings. “We have larger inflatable pools for her to use too," Giangreco said.