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Woman says ultrasounds looks like her late father kissing her baby

"It could be him, just saying, ‘Hey, I’m here, and it’s all good," Shantel Carrillo said.
/ Source: TODAY

At first glance, the photo Shantel Carrillo shared of her 20-week ultrasound looked like a perfectly normal profile of the baby girl. But, her friends noticed something seemed to be extra special about the image.

“I posted the ultrasound," Carrillo told NBC San Diego, "and right when I posted it, like 30 seconds later, someone's like, ‘There's an angel kissing your baby!’"

Carrillo believes that angel is her late father. In the ultrasound, a figure in the top left corner appears to be kissing her baby girl.

Shantel Carrillo

Carrillo posted the image, alongside one of her father holding her older daughter when she was born, to Reddit, where it quickly went viral. She said the ultrasound photo also looks like her dad wearing a hat, making the resemblance even sweeter.

Shantel Carrillo

While the ultrasound photo is getting plenty of attention, Carrillo is taking it in stride.

“It does look a lot like my dad and it’s awesome. And, you know, it could be him, just saying, ‘Hey, I’m here, and it’s all good,’” Carrillo said. “Or it could be that the placenta just looks like my dad, which is awesome, too.”

“It’s just a cool picture to have; it just is what it is,” she said.