Born holding hands, and they haven't stopped! Photos show twins' special bond

Born holding hands, twins Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite warmed the hearts of readers across the country with their extraordinary bond. Their birth photo went viral. Now 2 years old, the sisters are as close as ever and have inspired other families to share their stories of twin-credible love.

These photos from TODAY's Facebook page celebrate twins at all stages of life, from birth to marriage and beyond. Their friendships — and matching outfits — show the joy of growing up with a ready-made partner-in-crime. Not to mention, two little kids are twice as adorable as one!

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1. From snuggle bunnies to little divas

Courtesy of Lynda Cha
"They were always attached to each other, but now they crazy little divas that always bump heads."

2. Holding hands is their 'thing'

3. Best friends for life

Courtesy of Jody Hirshfield
"My twin and I are very, very close. We talk on the phone about 5 or more times a day and we only live 10 miles apart."

4. Happy hugs

Courtesy of Susan Klasi
"I captured this picture when our identical boys weren't looking. This kind of stuff happens all the time. It's wonderful to have the joy of raising twins."

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5. Two peas in a pod

Courtesy of Lindsay Hernandez
"The twin bond is real. Here is a pic of my twins the day they were born in the hospital."

6. I'll be there for you

Courtesy of Janet Gill Ford
"My identical twin daughters just turned 27 and (are) still very close...not to say they didn't fight and argue like any normal siblings. It is nice to think that they will always be there for each other."

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