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From 'True Mud' to 'Upside Downton Abbey,' our favorite 'Sesame Street' spoofs

If you’re a "Downton Abbey" fan, don’t worry, we’re not about to drop a spoiler on you regarding Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew’s latest antics. As a parent, the most recent episode is likely languishing in your DVR, along with all of your other favorite shows – at least until naptime. But, if you’re the parent of a preschooler, you can keep up with "Downton" Abbey and your other favorite shows (or at least spoofs of them), while your little ones are still awake, thanks to "Sesame Street."

"Sesame Street" has recently released a clever spoof of "Downton," titled "Upside Downton Abbey," featuring the ever-faithful Carson trying desperately to serve the Dowager Countess, despite the fact that they’re upside down. As in the real show, the cast struggles to maintain the traditions of the past whilst adapting to the demands of the future – or, gravity, if you’re trying to enjoy a spot of tea in an upside down world.

Continuing with the popularity of shows set in the 1920s, "Sesame Street" has also recently indulged us with a spoof of "Boardwalk Empire – Birdwalk Empire." HBO fans out there will enjoy the witty replication of the show’s opening scene and are sure to chuckle as Clucky Luciano and Nucky Ducky Thompson duke it out for control of the boardwalk.

These are just two of the latest in "Sesame Street’s" witty history of television spoofs.

While we’re anxiously awaiting the return of "Mad Men" (not much longer, we just have to hang in there until April 7), we can still indulge and dream of Don Draper, or at least a puppet version of him. On EMC, the "Emotional Movie Channel," created by "Sesame Street," we can watch as the men become mad, sad and glad over the various proposed ad campaigns. While they run through a gamut of rhyming emotions (and your kids learn how to "use their words" for their feelings), the only one you’re likely to experience is amusement.

We may be bidding adieu to Liz Lemon and "30 Rock," but that’s no reason we can’t enjoy the classic "30 Rock" spoof from Sesame Street. Starring Liz Lemon as a lemon and Jack the boss, the two attempt to count 30 rocks on the sound stage at Rockefeller Center. Who to love more, Tina Fey, or her equally hilarious lemon impersonator?

"True Blood" fans have undoubtedly already tuned into GrouchBO to watch "Sesame Street’s" answer to the popular vampire show, "True Mud." We can delight as the puppet versions of Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton search for true mud. I wanna find true mud with you…

With all of these delightful spoofs, they might want to consider renaming themselves the Parents Television Workshop.

Dana Macario is a Seattle-area mom who just might love "Sesame Street" even more as an adult than she did as a kid.