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Teen shares hilarious senior pictures after being photo-bombed by naked man

/ Source: TODAY

Photo-bombs can be hilarious — but when 17-year-old Jillian Henry's senior photo shoot was crashed by a naked dog-walker, the results weren't exactly what she expected.

@jill_henn / twitter

The South Eugene High School student and her photographer friend Elena Nesbit chose the Willamette River, a popular swimming spot located in picturesque Mount Pisgah, Oregon, as the backdrop for its pretty scenery.

However, it was a few minutes into snapping portraits that Nesbit unexpectedly spotted a nudist and his pooch in the background, standing along the banks of the river.

“After we noticed he was there, we started laughing,” Henry wrote in a message to TODAY.

@jill_henn / twitter

Besides noticing the full-monty display, the teens didn't have any direct interaction with him. “We assume that he had to have seen us, given that we were out in the water with a camera,” Henry added.

Originally from Fishers, Indiana, Henry has been visiting the Willamette River in the three years that she and her family have been living in Oregon. “This was undoubtedly the craziest visit I've ever had,” Henry shared.

Initially, Henry sent the pictures to a few friends. Quickly, “they encouraged me to post them (on Twitter) because they thought they had the potential to be popular.”

And how! Soon after Henry posted two of the images with the caption “love my senior pics” on Aug. 28, they amassed over 130,000 likes and 47,000 retweets.

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So far, Henry said that her instant internet fame has been surprising, but positive.

“My family thinks it's incredibly hilarious,” she added. “However, everyone's a bit overwhelmed at the attention it's been getting.”

While Henry loves the Eugene area for its colorful people, good school system and close proximity to the beach, the aspiring pediatric nurse hopes to attend Montana State University in Bozeman next fall.

But as she kicks off her last year of high school, the biggest question is: What does she plan to do with her now-compromised senior photos?

Perhaps she’ll make them into some sort of funny memento. “I'm unsure what my plan is for those pictures specifically, but I will definitely want to remember them in some way.”