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Stuffed bunny gets VIP treatment after little girl leaves it at Irish hotel

The stuffed animal got a tour, a spa treatment and other perks at an Irish hotel, but would the fluffy friend reunite with its young owner?
/ Source: TODAY

An Irish hotel treated a little girl's lost stuffed bunny to a VIP experience this month — and documented the fluffy companion's adorable adventures on Facebook along the way.

On Jan. 2, the Adare Manor Hotel's general manager, Anita Higgins, posted a Facebook photo of the bunny — later identified as a male named Jellycat — seated in a regal-looking wooden chair with red upholstery. The caption, "I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor," includes an emoji of a face that's laughing and crying.

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Later that day, the hotel's Facebook page posted another update, this time showing Jellycat lounging with a TV remote in a hotel bed. "Have to stay in Adare Manor tonight, hopefully my owner will come to collect me tomorrow," reads that caption, which includes a crying emoji.

Jellycat appeared to be in better spirits the next morning, when he was photographed "Chilling before breakfast," fashioning cucumber slices on his eyes while stretching his arms on a deck chair.

Seemingly refreshed, the bunny then sat beside a concierge named Claire, who, according to the hotel's Facebook page, was on the phone to help the bunny reunite with family.

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Afternoon tea was served, and Jellycat was said to be "Getting used to this."

A tour followed, thanks to a little more help from Claire.

While decompressing by the fireplace (and careful not to get too close), Jellycat received some good news Jan. 3. "I am going home," the bunny said, according to the Facebook page. "My owners have been found, I get to stay another night in Adare Manor and then home for a celebratory party tomorrow."

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As Sarah Ormston, a marketing executive at the hotel, told in an email, "We received a call from Kate’s Mum, Elaine. She had heard about the photos on Facebook from her sister. Kate was reunited with Jellycat a few days later, as she lives just 40 minutes away from the hotel. There were huge hugs and I don’t think Kate will let go of him again anytime soon."

The reality of the moment appeared to give Jellycat paws, er, pause, as he reflected beside a window pane. "Home to Nenagh across the river tomorrow," reads the corresponding photo caption.

The bunny doffed a mini robe at bedtime, when the Facebook page quoted the tiny guest wishing everyone good night, adding, "I had lots of fun & everybody looked after me so well, going to miss this place."

Later that night, a woman named Bernadette Flynn posted a photo of a smiling little girl to the hotel's Facebook page. "Hello to all the lovely people in Adare Manor Hotel," reads that photo's caption. "My name is Kate Hogan. Thank you for taking such good care of my special Jellycat. He was my first ever teddy a whole three and a half years ago. I was so lonely going to sleep last night, but I now know he had the best time. I'm so excited to have Jellycat back in my arms. Thank you again Adare Manor. Give him a hug tonight from Kate."

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With Kate on the way, Jellycat sneaked in one last spa treatment the next morning, but reportedly admitted, "I can't wait to see my owners again!"

Just a few hours later, a grinning Kate — in a pink dress, coat and matching bow — reunited with Jellycat at long last. "I got lots of lovely hugs from my pretty owner Kate and now we're heading home for our next adventure," the corresponding photo caption reads. "Thanks everyone for following my amazing trip at Adare Manor!"

That night, Kate and Jellycat, back in each other's arms, prepped for a good night's sleep. "[Jellycat's] first night home," Kieran Hogan wrote on Facebook. "He seems to be settling in well!!"

And as Ormston let us know, "We have been overwhelmed by the response to the story. What started as a means to reunite Jellycat with his owner has turned out to be a story that so many people have loved and followed!"

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