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'Let your children be children': NBA star's wife defends daughter's behavior

It was a daddy-daughter moment that captured everyone's attention, but not everyone's heart. Now, the toddler's mom says she's proud.
/ Source: TODAY

It was a daddy-daughter moment that captured everyone’s attention, but not everyone’s heart.

Last week, basketball star Stephen Curry — a point guard for the Golden State Warriors — brought his 2-year-old daughter Riley to a post-victory news conference and the little girl in a red dress quickly became the focus of the proceedings.

The toddler yawned loudly, talked into the microphone and squirmed on her dad’s lap as he answered questions from reporters. Many people thought she was adorable, but others were more critical.

In an essay titled “How to Parent When Your Kid Goes Viral” and posted Thursday on, Curry’s wife Ayesha said she’s proud her daughter was able to delight so many viewers.

“Some thought she stole the show. I thought it was beautiful, and I wouldn’t change a thing,” Curry wrote. “My husband handled his duties on the podium with ease and class. And my daughter was who she is — vibrant, spunky, and full of life. I hope she carries this with her through adulthood.”

The Currys, who are expecting another child, are dealing with all the new attention by trying to stay balanced and relaxed, she wrote, noting she was impressed by Stephen’s skills as a father during the news conference.

“I thought it was beautiful for him not to push his daddy duties to the bottom of the list just because all eyes were on him. I believe you should let your children be children, and don’t be afraid to be a parent, regardless of who’s watching,” Curry wrote.

As for Riley, she loves to horseback ride and swim and the family focuses on engaging with her and always making time for her, Riley's mom noted in the essay.

“We’re just trying to figure it all out and above all make sure we raise our family in a happy, healthy home that is full of faith and love,” Curry wrote.

Stephen Curry is playing in the second game of the NBA Finals on Sunday.

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