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Soleil Moon Frye reveals 3 of her kids tested positive for COVID in emotional post

"I thought my son had a cold or a fever, I did not know that he had Covid 19."
/ Source: TODAY

Soleil Moon Frye has revealed that three of her four children have tested positive for COVID-19.

The "Punky Brewster" star, 44, posted a photo of herself with her kids over the weekend on Instagram. In her emotional caption, she urged other parents to get their children tested for the virus if they exhibit symptoms.

"I thought my son had a cold or a fever, I did not know that he had Covid 19. With the encouragement of our doctor I had him tested. He tested positive. I was on my way to a work trip, rushed home and two of my other children tested positive as well," she wrote.

Frye said she had "the deepest respect" for those working on the medical frontlines during the pandemic, and expressed gratitude for CORE health workers and volunteers who operate testing and vaccination sites across the globe.

She also extended her thanks to the many family members and friends who "come together and jump in when needed."

"I have more love in my heart than ever for the angels that surround me," she wrote. "My mother put it best when speaking to a few of them. She spoke about how lucky I am to have them in my life protecting me and loving me, she said softly to one that they grew an angel feather being there for us. I feel the same way."

Frye shares her four children with her ex, Jason Goldberg. The two, who called it quits after 22 years of marriage last year, are parents to daughters Poet Sienna Rose, 13, and Jagger Joseph Blue, 13, and sons Lyric Sonny Roads, 7, and Story, 5.

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Frye said in her post that she had been experiencing "so many emotions" since her children tested positive.

"I want to protect my babies, love them, make them all better, take away the burning fever and tummy aches. I have tried to smile through the fear and nurture them. I have shed many tears. It has brought up a lot for me," she wrote.

"More than anything it has brought up how thankful I am for our health and well being. I know how incredibly fortunate we are," she added. "My kids have been able to heal together and support each other through this, we have a doctor we trust and hospitals close by. We are able to lean on one another."

She also expressed sorrow for those who have succumbed to the virus.

"My heart breaks for the lives that have been lost and knowing how so many do not have the same things that we have or the chance to be with their loved ones throughout this," she wrote.

"I still don't know where my three kids caught this from," she added. "All of us that have been around them have tested negative. That is part of the mystery in this, how hard it is often to trace and how easy it is to spread. Please be safe. Much love to you all. 🌈💛🧡💜💚💗💙❤️🌈."