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In Rihanna parody, mom sings about never-ending housework

In a parody of Rihanna's 'Work,' blogger Deva Dalporto dances, cleans toilets, and sings about the burden of getting the housework finished.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Moms are no strangers to piles of laundry, sinks full of dirty dishes, or toilets that need to be scrubbed. So, in a new parody, mom-of-two Deva Dalporto is dancing her way through her chore list as she sings a song about housework, set to the tune of Rihanna's hit 'Work.'

"He's tracking in dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt. It's all I do housework work work work work," Dalporto sings in the parody as she sweeps and cleans her kitchen.

Friends and family of Dalporto, who blogs at MyLifeSuckers, join the California mom in the video, which shows Dalporto donning a black bob and cleaning up the various messes made by her children. From refusing to clean their rooms to forgetting to take out the trash, Dalporto's family drives her crazy throughout the video as she strives to keep her home tidy.

"You're mistaking your mom who loves you for a maid, son," Dalporto sings to her son.

Rihanna - Work ft. Drake Parody - HOUSEWORKYouTube

In a blog post about the parody, Dalporto shares that while she loves Rihanna's song, she interprets it to have a different meaning than the pop star.

"It's so fun. And funky. And is totally about cleaning, right?" Dalporto writes in the post. "Well, at least my version is."

"One thing I never anticipated when I dreamed of being wife and a mother was the piles and piles of laundry and the never-ending cleaning," Dalporto told TODAY Parents. "Sometimes I feel like I just spend all day cleaning the same thing over and over again. I always joke that those 37 seconds when my house stays clean are amazing!"