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'Real Housewives' star's newborn son dies from complications during childbirth

Kara Bosworth's son McCoy was born on April 6th.
/ Source: TODAY

Kara Bosworth, a former star of "Real Housewives of Orange County" shared the devastating news on Tuesday that her son died of childbirth complications just days after he was born.

"On April 6th, our son McCoy Casey Bosworth was born at 3:10am. Weighing in at 11 pounds and 4 ounces and spanning 21 inches, McCoy surprised us all with his size and strength (and overall perfection)," she wrote. "During the course of his birth, he experienced shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord. He joined our Heavenly Father and will live forever in the hearts of his loving parents, his adoring sister, and those that received his life-saving gifts."

She also shared the heartbreaking message she wrote to the organ and tissue donation team to read in McCoy's honor.

“Tonight, we join together to honor this little savior’s gifts of life. Through him, may others find new hope and profound healing... and may he live again through them," it said. "May his legacy shine in the form of lifetimes aplenty - lives filled with laughter, compassion, energy, love, and most of all gratitude. May it be said that McCoy Casey Bosworth left this world in a better place, for a better place.... that he made an impact... that he was an answered prayer... that he was a hero. May angels lead him in. Thank you, McCoy.”

Bosworth, who is also mother to a daughter, Decker, had previously announced she was expecting in a blog post called "How Do I Say This?"

"I intentionally waited for the right time to bring you into our family for a reason, I just had no idea my reason would be this freaking excited," she said. "It's really damn cool. We love you like crazy already, baby."

McCoy is survived by his parents and his 4-year-old sister, Decker.