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Parents have an adorable reaction when they discover both daughters are pregnant

It took a minute for the announcements to register.
/ Source: TODAY

Sisters Danielle and Samantha Schleese live in neighboring houses on a 100-acre compound in rural Ontario, Canada.

"We love watching the bonding relationships with our kids," Samantha tells, noting that she feels more like a mom than an aunt to her nephew.

Samantha and husband Jordan Rothery, 36, are parents of daughter, Willow, 2. Danielle and her fiancé, Gabe Mazza, share son, Wilder, also 2. 

Come August, the Schleeses’ little village will have two new residents: Danielle, 35, and Sam, 34, are pregnant and due two weeks apart. 

Schleese family Christmas card / pregnancy announcement
It took a minute for the news to register.Courtesy Sam and Dan Schleese

Recently, the siblings shared on Instagram a video of their parents, Sabine and Johen, reacting to their joint baby news. In the clip, which was filmed in Dec. 2023, Sabine and Johen think they are posing for family holiday portraits.

Everyone is counting down before the first picture is snapped when suddenly Danielle announces that Samantha is pregnant. Sabine just sits there smiling — the news hasn’t registered. 

“It took her a minute!” Samantha says with a laugh.

When Sabine figures out that she's getting another grandchild, she’s overcome with emotion and starts to cry. After Sabine regains her composure, everyone sits back down for photos.

Schleese family Christmas card / pregnancy announcement
Sabine finally realizes what's going on!Courtesy Sam and Dan Schleese

“Danielle’s pregnant!” Samantha exclaims. 

Here come the tears again!

“No!” Sabine gasps. She then jumps to her feet and starts clapping her hands. 

As the family hugs and celebrates, the joyful song “Home” by Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros plays in the background.

Speaking of home, Sabine and Johen will be moving into a house on the compound in the next year.

“Our community of family is really growing,” Danielle says. 

Danielle is due August 15, and Samantha is August 27. The siblings have not publicly shared the genders.

“We’ll definitely be leaning on each other for support,” Samantha says.

“Motherhood can be quite lonely,” Danielle says. “It’s the best to be able to lean on each other emotionally and mentally.”