Pink's daughter Willow masters the art of makeup in her first tutorial video

/ Source: TODAY

Like mother, like daughter.

Pop star Pink is known for her bold style, and a new video featuring her 6-year-old mini-me, Willow, proves that it runs in the family.

On Wednesday, the singer-songwriter shared the clip she referred to as Willow's "first makeup tutorial."

But be warned: If you're planning to follow along with her little girl's lesson, you better not blink. Willow goes from bare-faced to full-glam in less than a minute — and when it comes to cosmetics, she makes her own rules.

For instance, lipstick isn't limited to lips, eyeshadow might as well be called under-eye shadow and a bright pigment liner is the perfect way to break up a boring forehead.

Oh, and don't worry about going too heavy on the glitter — you can't.

These helpful hints, which are delivered without any audio, may mark Willow's first foray into the wildly popular world of makeup tutorials, but she's a veteran when it comes to application.

Past pics shared by Pink and by Willow's dad, Carey Hart, prove their daughter's color-outside-the-lines approach already qualifies as her signature style.

And it's evidence that Willow really listens to her mom.

In an interview for the January issue of Cosmopolitan, Pink revealed some of the best advice she's handed down, and it goes way beyond makeup.

"(A) very important thing I tell my daughter is it’s very fun to be weird," she said. "And it’s very boring to be normal."

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Sept. 8, 201701:13