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How a daughter helped her dad take a second chance at love

"New York Live” correspondent Joelle Garguilo joined Hoda and Jenna to share a family's touching story — along with a special surprise.

Michael Trojan and Joanne Cardone didn't think they'd find love later in life, but thanks to good timing and the encouragement of Michael Trojan's daughter, Michelle Devine, the two recently walked down the aisle together to start a new chapter.

On TODAY with Hoda and Jenna Friday, "New York Live" correspondent Joelle Garguilo shared the family's touching story, from compounding tragedy to unexpected love.

Devine explained that 19 years ago, her mom got double pneumonia and struggled with muscular dystrophy, and in 2004, she passed away at age 57.

"It was extremely painful to lose her," a teary-eyed Devine said.

Unfortunately, the family's grief didn't end there. Within the next few years, Devine also lost her brothers, one to pancreatic cancer and the other from a massive heart attack.

Grieving three losses, Trojan moved in with Devine and her husband, something that Devine said was hard to watch.

"I have to say, he was very miserable. He was very sad, he was very angry," she said. "Finally, I said, 'That's it, Dad. You've sat long enough. You need to meet friends.'"

And when he followed his daughter's advice, Trojan found the light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as he and Cardone — who was from a different senior center — danced together, they couldn't deny the spark they felt.

"After I met him, I said, 'I have to join his senior club,'" Cardone said. "And I did."

The family was surprised with a honeymoon trip and Broadway show and dinner.
The family was surprised with a honeymoon trip and Broadway show and dinner.TODAY

For Devine, seeing her father happy again after everything he had endured meant the world to her. As soon as he met Cardone, they became inseparable, and Devine expressed her love for Joanne and what she means for their family.

"She really was like an angel. She made my father light up again and be happy," she said. And after four years of dating, Trojan decided it was time to pop the question.

Last fall, the two tied the knot. Trojan and Cardone, who now has taken Trojan's last name, officially became husband and wife, marking a new chapter in their lives. When Garguilo asked how the couple got to where they are now, Cardone had a simple answer: "Don't give up."

The family of three joined Hoda, Jenna and Garguilo live on the show Friday morning, where a surprise was waiting for them. With the family crying tears of happiness, the hosts informed the couple that they're receiving a honeymoon trip to Bermuda, while Devine and her husband can enjoy a dinner in the city and a Broadway show.

Ultimately, seeing her father happy once again is the best gift Devine could have asked for.

"It makes my heart happy. To see him come from where we've come from, both of us — his sons, my brothers — was so hard, but my only single prayer every day was that my dad would be happy once again," Devine said. "And he finally is."