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Parents tell kids 'I ate all of your Halloween candy' in 'Kimmel' tradition

Meet the next generation of kids who will grow up harboring a nonspecific but unbreakable resentment toward their parents.
/ Source: TODAY

If it's early November, then it must be time for one of "Jimmy Kimmel Live's" annual traditions: The yearly surgical removal of trust from the hearts of small children, as their parents reveal to them that they've eaten all of their Halloween candy.

That's right! For the past five years, Kimmel has convinced parents to lie their faces off to their kids and film the results — and then send them into the show.

It ends up being pretty much what you might expect, as the video that aired on "Kimmel" Monday night revealed: tears, flopping around, tumbling to the floor, fits and screaming.

Then there's the thing you don't see: The first time a kid realizes his parent is making fun of him.

Good times!

Jimmy Kimmel, puttings kids in therapy since 2011.
Jimmy Kimmel, puttings kids in therapy since 2011.Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Not all of the kids got hysterical. One even said, "It's all right." And some kids seemed to know exactly what was going on: "Sorry ... Jimmy, we're not falling for it."

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But our winner for 2015 is the child strapped in the back seat as his mom says she got really hungry during the day and ate all his Halloween candy while he was at school.

"How?" asks this future great leader. "I don't want to see you ever again. Go get a job."

You tell her, kiddo!

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