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Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Willie Giest give Dylan Dreyer's husband fatherly advice

Our honorary TODAY dads gave Brian Fichera some words of wisdom before the arrival of their baby boy.
/ Source: TODAY

What's more exciting than counting down to fatherhood? Counting down to fatherhood ... with five experienced dads to hype you up!

Craig, Willie, Matt, Al and Carson sat down to offer some wisdom to Dylan's husband, Brian Fichera, in the final days before the couple's first child arrives. You know, important things like how to stay in the moment, how to win brownie points in your marriage ... and how to avoid the spray at the changing table. Read on for their best tips.

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Craig Melvin: Don't overthink it

Craig offered a confidence booster for anyone experiencing daddy doubt. "The best advice I got was from a buddy of mine early on who said, 'don't overthink this,'" he said. "There are people who have been doing this since the beginning of time and the overwhelming majority of them, not nearly as qualified as you."

He added, "I wish I had known that all of those people who say 'oh. it goes so fast, oh, it goes so fast. You won't believe how fast it goes.' I wish I had known that all of those people were right. And you look back on it after just three months or six months and you just, you're amazed at how quickly the development has happened and you're amazed at how fast he's sitting up, or he's crawling, or he's saying Dada, or he's saying stop, or he's saying more, or he's saying give me. You just … you are amazed at how fast it really does go."


Willie Geist: Take the night shift

Willie stands by a classic dad move: Swoop in with a treat when things get stressful. "Two words for you: 'Daddy bottle,'" he said. "Get up in the middle of the night. Give Dylan a break.

"If she gets to sleep for six hours instead of three because you got up to do the bottle, not only is it a great bonding experience and a great moment where you can sit with your beautiful baby boy and watch "Sports Center" again, but it also gives you credit," he explained. "You got up in the middle of the night and you gave Dylan six hours of sleep instead of three. Do the 'Daddy bottle,' my man."

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Carson Daly: Stay in the moment

Carson echoed Craig's sentiments about time flying by. "Try and eliminate the phrase, 'I can't wait until he ... walks, talks, can throw a ball.' Take that phrase out of your vocabulary," he said. "Just enjoy every single second of every single day, at whatever stage little man's at."


Matt Lauer: Survive the changing table

Some fatherhood tips are profound ... and some are just practical. "A little advice for you, and I think you are going to find this very important," said Matt. "So it's diaper changing time ... You take a diaper, and then you take a second diaper ... the 'deflector shield,' if you get me. You put that over Baby Fichera's winkie and that way you don't get more than you bargain for, got it?!"

Seems legit.

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Al Roker: Just say yes

Al's tip doubled as marriage advice: A reminder that the tiny human will be a trump card for a while. "Once the baby arrives, no matter what Dylan asks, you answer in the affirmative," he said. "Because no matter what your argument is, the fact that a human being has come outside of her body trumps anything you can say.

"That's just it," he continued. "Like ... 'well, I worked really late too last night.' 'Yes, but I had a human being come out of my body.' You can't argue that one and you can't win that one."

Thanks dads.