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'Love at first sight': 6 timeless quotes about parenting for Mother's Day

"I never believed in love at first sight ... but that all changed the moment I became a mother."
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For millions of moms across the land, Mother's Day is a time for pampering and relaxation — along with heaping helpings of nostalgia and reflection.

As part of the "Life Changes" challenge on the TODAY Parenting Team, dozens of our contributors have been describing all the ways life changes after children arrive on the scene. We've compiled some timeless quotes about parenting from six of our Parenting Team community members here.

How has your world changed forever since you had kids? Please let us know! Feel free to join in this ongoing conversation by becoming a member of our team, and stay connected to TODAY Parents updates on our Facebook page. We can't wait to hear from you!

1. "The greatest love." —Katie Reed, A Mother Thing

Quote about motherhood
Katie Reed / TODAY Parenting Team

2. "You lose a piece of yourself." —Naptime Tales

Quote about motherhood
Naptime Tales / TODAY Parenting Team

3. "I'm different after having a son." —Justin Ricklefs

Quote about parenting
Justin Ricklefs / TODAY Parenting Team

4. "Love at first sight." —Rachel Essling

Quote about motherhood
Rachel Essling / TODAY Parenting Team

5. Becoming a mother "saved my life." —Laura Ward

Quote about motherhood
Laura Ward / TODAY Parenting Team

6. "Everything is going to be okay." —Titania Jordan

Quote about motherhood
Titania Jordan / TODAY Parenting Team

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