Little MacGyver uses monster truck to pull out loose tooth

If you’re a little boy with a loose tooth, a remote-controlled monster truck, and some dental floss, there’s really only one thing to do: Channel your inner MacGyver and get that tooth out of there. One brave and inventive little boy recently did just that (we assume it was his parents' idea, since they were coaching him through it) and it’s the newest YouTube sensation.

The thought of gunning a toy truck and hoping it’ll pry a wiggly tooth free would be daunting for many kids, even those who are already well-acquainted with the tooth fairy. But little Easton tried this trick with his very first loose tooth –on his first day of first grade, no less.

Our hats are off to this cute toothless wonder for having some fun with one of childhood’s best rites of passage. (May we suggest a future career in dentistry?) 

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Dana Macario is a Seattle-area mom whose four-year-old daughter is constantly checking her mouth, hoping for a loose tooth, so she can be like the big kids.

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