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Kim Kardashian talks to TODAY about fertility struggles, plans for a second baby

When she sat down with TODAY's Matt Lauer, Kim Kardashian talked openly about her plans for expanding her family.
/ Source: TODAY

Kim Kardashian has long been an open book on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and in her other reality TV adventures. And when she sat down with TODAY's Matt Lauer, she maintained her signature candor as she tackled a variety of topics, from the fertility struggles she's faced since giving birth to daughter North, to parenting with husband Kanye West and more.

"They say if you've been trying [to have a baby] for a year, then you usually need a little bit of help," Kardashian explained. "I had a tough delivery, so I understand what my challenges are. I mean, I’m seeing the best doctors and I'm trying to do everything I can to make that happen."

And she's far from giving up on her dream to expand her family with West.

"They have recommended to me to get a surrogate, and I would like to hold out a little bit longer, and still try," she said. "I still have hope, so I'm just going to keep on trying. Never say never. I mean, we haven't talked about adopting..."

Kardashian noted that her focus these days is on North, and stressed how "blessed" she feels with her current situation.

Kim Kardashian and Matt Lauer
Kim Kardashian and Matt Lauer.Amanda Sidman / TODAY

That situation includes meshing her own parenting style with that of her husband.

"[Kanye's] really strict on safety things," Kardashian said. "Like if something's really high up, he has to make sure there's a lock on it — 'cause when she gets bigger, what if she can reach it? And I'm like, 'We have years before that's going to happen. You don't have to safety-proof [yet].'"

Then again, they grow up fast!

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Check out the clips to find out what else she had to say about motherhood, her new book, "Selfish," and much more.

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