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Jessica Biel opens up about bond her and Justin Timberlake's 2 sons share

"They just laugh at each other all day long."
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Biel’s kids are two peas in a pod.

The “Sinner” star says her and husband Justin Timberlake’s two sons, Silas, 6, and Phineas, reportedly born last summer, have a real connection.

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"It is so cute to see these two together because they both think the other one is hilarious,” she said Monday during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“Silas, he is the performer, he wants to make the jokes and he wants all the attention on him, so Phin only has eyes for him. And everything Silas does is hilarious, and then anything Phin does is hilarious. So they just laugh at each other all day long. It is so cute."

Biel, 39, was also asked if having two kids is more difficult than one.

“Oh, my gosh, yes,” she said. “A very wise friend of mine said, 'One is a lot, and two is a thousand.' And I said, ‘Oh, my God, you’re right.’ That is exactly the way it feels. You are just, man-on-man defense, one person's over here, the other person's over here. It is a wild, crazy, fun ride."

Biel and Timberlake are also knee-deep in getting Phineas to sleep through the night, which is proving to be a challenge. She said things were improving and she and Timberlake were getting some rest, but that’s all changed.

“It did get better,” she said. “We started to sleep train and he was doing so great, and then all of his teeth started to come in. And now nobody is sleeping again.”

Biel also said she hates letting her baby cry, but she and Timberlake have some experience in this area.

"It's so hard to let them cry even for a few minutes, and that’s sort of the sleep training we were doing, which is you just let them go for a couple of minutes,” she said. “And then you go in, and you go, ‘You’re good. You’re fine.’ Phin did a beautiful job. He did a great job.

“We never really followed through with Silas in a big way with the sleep training. I think it was also first child, we were nervous, we couldn't bear the thought. Now we're just like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're going to be fine. You're going to make it. You'll be OK.'"