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Jessica Biel says son Silas is 'a ham — just like his dad' Justin Timberlake

Having her little guy — 1-year-old Silas — around has given Jessica Biel a chance to know another version of her big guy — husband Justin Timberlake.
/ Source: TODAY

Motherhood changed Jessica Biel, as it does for anyone who experiences it.

It's helped her better understand the needs of other mothers. It's reshaped her family unit. And as she recently told TODAY while hosting an event with Baby2Baby and Tiny Prints at her restaurant Au Fudge, having her little guy — 1-year-old Silas — around has given her a chance to know another version of her big guy — husband Justin Timberlake.

"He is a ham, just like his dad — serious ham," she said of their son. "He thinks everything is funny. He goofs on me all the time."

But as Timberlake keeps fans laughing with his appearances on "Saturday Night Live" and skits with his "Tonight Show" pal Jimmy Fallon, Silas' idea of good humor is still developing.

"He thinks sneezing is really funny!" Biel shared.

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Silas also has Timberlake's love of music.

"He likes Erykah Badu, and he likes Stevie Wonder" she noted. "He likes a groove."

And while they "listen to a lot of Daddy" around the house, Silas doesn't really understand who he's hearing — yet.

"You know, he hasn't really seen him on stage or anything like that," Biel explained. "I think once he sees that and connects that dot, then when we play the music, I think he's going to realize, 'Oh, that's Daddy up there.'

For now, Silas doesn't see either of his parents as the stars they are. They're just like any other family at home.

"We do a lot of yard hangout," Biel, who's about to celebrate her second Mother's Day, said. "You know, like, picnic blanket on the yard, music, books everywhere, crawling through the grass. That kind of stuff."

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And another favorite family activity? Just sitting on the sofa and watching golf.

Sometimes the best times are the simple ones.

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