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Jessica Biel on parenthood with Justin Timberlake: 'He's doin' it all'

The actress and wife of Justin Timberlake visited TODAY and shared how much she and her husband are sharing duties with their newborn.
/ Source: TODAY

As Jessica Biel has learned, parenthood is not for sissies.

She and Justin Timberlake welcomed baby Silas Randall into the world in April, but while she says "he's just a joy," she also admitted on TODAY Friday that it's "incredibly hard."

Biel was visiting with WomanCare Global's CEO Saundra Pelletier to talk about the actress' recent funny PSAs (produced with Funny or Die) meant to educate the public about reproductive issues, so naturally the conversation turned to her own recent reproduction.

When TODAY's Willie Geist asked how Silas was doing, Biel enthused, "He's wonderful. He's just a joy. It's an amazing, amazing experience."

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But, she added: "[It's] incredibly hard, the hardest job in the world and I've never been more thankful and grateful to my own mother. Oh, my gosh I'm going to call her right after this actually and just thank her. What you have to do for your kid — it's an amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever."

So what about her husband? He's not standing on the sidelines just looking good, right? "He is doin' it all," she grinned. "He is in there, deep."

We'll leave it at that!

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