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Video nails your Thanksgiving family struggles, set to 'Despacito'

"Mashed potatoes, it's the one dish everybody hate-os."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Difficult in-laws, political arguments and misbehaving kids are often a typical part of a family's Thanksgiving celebration.

In their latest parody, a Thanksgiving-themed mashup of hit songs, the Holderness family sings of all the very real struggles that come with turkey day, from grandparents who can't figure out how to work the remote control to failed attempts at cooking.

The catchy video includes hit songs such as Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" and Sia's, "Chandelier," and shows the family trying to survive the relatable trials of hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

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"Thanksgiving is the time to be around those with whom you are most comfortable," Penn Holderness — who wears spandex and a Sia wig in the video — told TODAY Parents. "It means people will say what they mean, do what they want, and get all up in your business. There will be a million generation gaps leading to endless unintentional comedy.

"This, of course, is all wonderful and it's why it's probably my favorite holiday."