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Hilarious Little League sign reminds overbearing parents: Relax!

A sign from Pleasanton Little League sent a reminder to parents: these are kids playing a kids' game.
/ Source: TODAY

In case any parents are under the impression that their 12-year-old son's chances of playing for the Yankees are hanging in the balance at a Little League game, a Texas league is offering a reality check.

A sign from Pleasanton Little Leaguethat was posted on Imgur and then as a thread on Reddit sent a reminder to parents thinking college scholarships are dependent on whether their son is safe at home on a close play — these are kids playing a kids' game.

The sign would like parents to remember that the coaches are not being paid a dollar and are out there for the love of the game, while the umpires are human beings who, shockingly, may actually make a bad call now and then. Many Little Leagues across the country unfortunately need similar signs to help curb overbearing parents.

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In case the sign isn't enough, parents can always take inspiration from Rhode Island Little League coach Dave Belisle, who reminded his playersit's about a lot more than the scoreboard after a heart-breaking loss in the 2014 Little League World Series.

"The only reason why I'll probably end up shedding a tear is because this is the last time I'm going to end up coaching you guys,'' Belisle said in a speech to his team. "But I'm going to bring back with me ... and you guys are going to bring back something that no other team can provide but you guys, and that's pride."

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