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'Need more wine': Quarantined 82-year-old's funny message to daughter goes viral

"She means the world to us. And yes, in case anyone is wondering, I did get her wine!"
/ Source: TODAY

Kelly Muller says her 82-year-old mom, Annette Muller has always been "the life of the party."

And although she's staying inside during the coronavirus pandemic, the mom of six, grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother of four proved she still has her sense of humor when she greeted her daughter at the window of her house last week waving a bottle of wine and holding up sign that read "need more wine."

Muller, who lives in Ontario, Canada, snapped a photo and shared it in a Facebook post, which quickly went viral.

Muller says through ups and downs in her life, she's seen her mom remain upbeat and positive: Anette's husband died of prostate cancer 21 years ago, and she lost a daughter eight years ago to ovarian cancer then watched one of her son's spend the last three years being treated for throat cancer.

Kelly Muller with her mom, Annette.
Kelly Muller with her mom, Annette.Kelly Muller

"My mother is the toughest person I know," Muller told TODAY Parents. "Also, my brother, Kirk Muller, played in the NHL for 19 years so my mom is known as the biggest hockey mom in our city. She hasn't missed a "Hockey Night in Canada" hockey game on Saturday nights in I don't know how many years, and she still has a glass of wine and watches her hockey games on TV."

Muller's mom lives less than a mile from her, so she checks on her daily from a distance.

"She lives alone still in our family home," Muller explained. "That day, I pulled up and gave a honk to let her know I was there and she was ready for me. She had a sign all ready asking me to get her more wine."

"I wasn't shocked to pull up and see her holding up a handmade sign," Muller continued. "I asked her what kind, and she said, 'Red? White? It doesn't matter to me. They all taste the same!'"

The coronavirus quarantine has been hard on Annette, who loves people and misses her family members. Muller and her siblings take turns visiting and chatting through her window, but miss being able to give their mom a hug and a kiss.

"She means the world to us, And yes, in case anyone is wondering, I did get her wine!" said Muller. "I'm sure I'll be doing another run for her soon. Hopefully next time she needs something, she'll just pick up the phone."

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