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Feeling the postpartum pain? Get relief with laughs from mastitis-themed musical

Postpartum pains are real, and at times, unrelenting. The folks at HelloFlo came up with a treatment option — laughter.
/ Source: TODAY

Having a baby might just be the best feeling ever, but with the good, you've got to take the bad. And for some new moms, there's a heck of a lot of bad to be had.

Postpartum pains are real, and at times, unrelenting. Doctors can only do so much, so it's a good thing that the folks at HelloFlo came up with another treatment option — laughter.

Yes, the monthly menstrual subscription service that's already got tween girls giggling with its "First Moon Party" clip, now has some fresh humor to offer new moms in "Postpartum: The Trailer."

It's just a taste of what's to come in the full musical promo — due out next week — but it's a real treat for anyone who can sympathize with lyrics like these:

My boobs are swollen, red and sore / I leak a lot, then I leak some more / Fever's got me down for days / It's what the doctors call malaise / It sucks! I'm trapped! / My ducts are plugged, and my nipples are chapped …

Watch it for yourself, and trust us — if you've never imagined the word "mastitis" being belted out as a power note, well, you'll never imagine it any other way after this.

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