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Dylan Dreyer's husband shares baby announcement, credits steamy 'Bridgerton'

The couple will welcome their third child in November.
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer surprised viewers — and her fellow TODAY co-hosts —when she announced live on-air that she and husband Brian Fichera are expecting baby No. 3, a boy.

Soon after, Fichera shared an Instagram celebrating the joyous news — and it’s epic.

In the photo, Fichera is holding a sonogram as he cuddles with sons Calvin, 4, and Oliver, 16 months.

“You see cal when two people are quarantined together for over a year and @bridgertonnetflix is on…. #Bridgertonbaby #overthemoon," Fichera captioned the post.

Fichera’s followers got a kick out of him crediting Shonda Rhimes’ steamy period drama for the pregnancy.

“OMG Bridgerton baby I am dead,” one person commented, while another suggested that Fichera and Dylan call their little boy Duke because “it’s a fitting Bridgerton name.”

On Tuesday, Dylan posted a video on Instagram of Fichera reacting to the news that she's pregnant with their third son. In the clip, Oliver is seen handing his dad a toy donut with blue frosting.

At first, Fichera is confused. Then, he realizes what's happening and his face lights up.

"Is this.... Is it a boy!?" he exclaims. "You know it's a boy?!"

In the background, Dylan, who is filming, can be heard laughing.

Despite Fichera's jokey post, Dylan told TODAY that her third pregnancy — like her second pregnancy — did not come easily. Secondary infertility, which is when women struggle to have another child after giving birth to one or more children, affects about 3 million women in the U.S., according to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals.

“We were trying and it wasn’t really happening and just kind of gave up,” Dylan revealed. “We were ready for the next phase.”

Then, Dylan found out she was pregnant. The family could not be happier — although Dylan admitted that little Oliver has no idea that "his world is about to be rocked" by a baby brother.

“When we first got married, we thought maybe one day we’d have kids,” Dylan said. “But then we became obsessed with them… You just realize they’re the best things in the world.”

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