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Dylan Dreyer reveals miscarriage insight from her doctor that helped her heal

When the TODAY co-host's doctor shared this, it flipped her perspective on pregnancy loss.
/ Source: TODAY

In a new interview with Katherine Schwarzenegger, TODAY's Dylan Dreyer opened up about infertility, miscarriage and her journey to motherhood.

During the 30-minute episode of Schwarzenegger's BDA (Before, During, & After) Baby Instagram series on Thursday, Dylan got candid about the miscarriage she experienced between the births of her sons, Calvin and Oliver.

Dylan Dreyer opened up about her road to motherhood on Katherine Schwarzenegger's Instagram series. katherineschwarzenegger/Instagram

As she struggled with feelings of grief during that time, the 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host said her doctor shared something with her that helped her maintain perspective and stay optimistic.

"As my doctor told me, a miscarriage is not your body doing something wrong — it's actually your body doing something right," Dylan said. "Because something's not right with the embryo. Your body is doing the right thing. It's doing what it needs to do."

"It's hard in the moment, because you're so devastated," she said. "Having a miscarriage is awful."

While dealing with a pregnancy loss and secondary infertility struggles, Dylan said her friends didn't know how to act around her. A good friend who had not experienced infertility confessed to Dylan that she didn’t know what to say because she could not relate to her situation.

“The fact that you can’t relate is amazing,” Dylan explained to her friend. “Listen if I feel like talking about it. If I don’t, know that it’s fine.”

Dylan added to Schwarzenegger: “Sometimes you’re so exhausted talking about it.”

The TODAY meteorologist and mom of two has been vocal about her experience with secondary infertility and pregnancy loss.

"So many women are going through their own fertility issues," Dylan wrote in a 2019 essay for TODAY Parents. "I want to open up the conversation to get us all talking instead of sneaking onto that baby chat room and scrolling endlessly through the comments hoping to stumble upon someone going through a similar situation as us."

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