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Drew Barrymore shares photos of sweet new tattoo inspired by her kids

Barrymore's new ink is so sweet.
/ Source: TODAY

If there's one kind of celebrity tattoo we don't scoff at (as much), it's the one stars get in honor of their kids.

Because apparently that's a thing, and it's sort of endearing ... especially when the celeb in question is universally liked Drew Barrymore.

The 41-year-old star shared a photo of herself smiling as she posed with her new ink, a sweet inscription of "Olive and Frankie."

She shared a close-up as well as two process shots from what appears to have been quite the eventful afternoon.

"Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm," reads one of her captions.

The proud mom recently told People magazine that she's still "just trying to figure this all out."

"I know everyone says you're supposed to put your coupledom first," she said. "But I really love it being all about the kids. Maybe that's my compensating for not having parents myself or a childhood but right now, the focus is about how we're figuring things out as parents."

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She also talked about how her own troubled upbringing and turbulent relationship with her mother influenced the way she acts with her own kids.

"When I first started having children, people were like, 'Well, what are you going to tell them about [your upbringing]?'" she says. "There was always a connotation and insinuation of, 'You should be ashamed,'" she adds. "But that's crazy. [My daughters] are going to know I'm not some holier-than-thou person who just doesn't want them to live. I just want to guide them in the best way possible."