Dairy Queen? Milk Jugs? What's your breast-feeding nickname?

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Think France's First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (shown here carrying her new-born daughter Giulia) has given herself a breast-feeding nickname?

French president Nicolas Sarkozy recently made a parenting faux pas by describing breast-feeding (which is how wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is feeding their newborn daughter Giulia) as both "a joy and a kind of slavery."

Not the finest choice of words for sure, and so not cool for a man (not to mention a world leader) to say.

But, there is something about being chained to a baby while breast-feeding that rings honest and true.

This makes us think of the funny nicknames we sometimes give ourselves while breast-feeding. Among TODAY Moms editors, we have an assortment: There's Dairy Queen and The Milk Truck and Bessie the Cow.

We asked TODAY Moms Facebook fans to weigh in on Sarcozy's description and to share their own nicknames for themselves. While some disagreed, many moms think the French prez was spot on.

Lien Hai Dinh wrote:

 I wouldn't call it slavery, although the term doesn't offend me. More like constantly on demand but happy to be so!

Judy Ann Wigginton commented:

I'm gonna have to say he is kinda right. If it was from a woman would it be different? I only BF'd for a few weeks due to some other issues but during that time I was the Milk Bar...

Andrea Blanco wrote:

I think it's normal to feel that way at times (irrespective of nursing) and will give the president the benefit of the doubt and hope he was sympathizing with how needed mothers are and how much we do and that what he was trying to say got lost in translation. What is wrong is this societal/cultural expectation that, with a newborn, you aren't going to be constantly in demand or 'chained' to your baby as others have expressed. I am just Mama...both because I have working mammary glands and because I am lucky enough to have 2 gorgeous boys who call me so.

Connie Jones posts:

It is the most natural thing in the world and I'm sure he meant no harm. The PC police need to move along.

And here's our Top 10 favorite nicknames and the good-humored TODAY Moms who shared them:.

  1. All-Night Buffet (from Becky Wilson)
  2. Meals on Wheels (from Brittney Miller)
  3. Breastaurant (from Jamee Kizzar)
  4. On Tap (from Maria Mahala)
  5. Milk Jugs (from Freedom Hunter)
  6. Fast Food (from Azlina Ahmad)
  7. Boobs-to-go (from Leslie Lewis, who adds that if she was bouncing around, the name was Milk Shake.)
  8. Jersey (as in Jersey cow, says Carol Chard Stanley)
  9. The Big Gulp (as in the drink from 7-11, says Nicole Chapadeau Reuter)
  10. Squirt (from Alexii Nikki Collins)

    Brittney Miller (aka Meals on Wheels from above) added:

When I went back to work I said that I felt like I had gone from a free range cow with her calf in a field to being stuck in a tiny pen (cubicle) hooked up to a milk machine (pump). I didn't like it, and yes, it did feel like slavery. That said, I'm glad I did it.

Do you have a breast-feeding nickname? Share it in our comments.

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