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See the hilarious reason this mom got a text about her daughter's outfit

"At least she was wearing something."
/ Source: TODAY

It takes a village to raise a child, but in 3-year-old Brooklyn Friedlander's case, it also takes a village to protect a child from epic fashion fails.

While Brooklyn's mom, Aliza Friedlander, was attending an early-morning work event, the preschooler made it past her dad during the morning rush dressed for music class in a pair of white potty training underwear.

Brooklyn Friedlander, 3, told her dad she was wearing bike shorts, but was actually wearing white potty training underwear.Aliza Friedlander

Brad Friedlander told his wife he felt he was handling the morning routine well — making omelets for his daughters for breakfast and doing the morning drop-off schedule on his own. The Maryland dad drove his older daughter, Lila, 5, to school then met his mother-in-law, Anita King, at Brooklyn's Tuesday-morning music class before heading to work.

But shortly after the class began, King noticed something was wrong with her granddaughter's outfit.

"Her initial thought was she was wearing white bike shorts scrunched up in the front with a shirt covering them," Aliza Friedlander told TODAY Parents. "I think when she went into the classroom and saw Brooklyn from behind, she realized that they, in fact, weren't shorts."

To make sure she was seeing things correctly, King approached a friend of Friedlander's for a second opinion.

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"She stayed very calm and didn't make a big deal about it and just turned to one of my close friends, Melissa, and asked, 'I think Brooklyn is wearing underwear,' to which Melissa said, 'Yes,'" said Friedlander.

Like any good grandma, King handled things on her end like a pro, slipping into older sister Lila's classroom to borrow a pair of extra shorts from her bag and taking Brooklyn back to music class properly clothed.

Soon after, Friedlander received a text message from her friend with a photo of her underwear-clad daughter.

"When I got the text message from my friend, I just shook my head and laughed," said Friedlander, who then texted her husband: "You sent her to school in underwear."

Brad's response? "Who?"

In the hilarious text exchange, which Friedlander shared on Instagram, Brad defends himself, saying Brooklyn told him they were shorts and pointing out, "at least she was wearing something."

"It's like wearing a bathing suit," he continues.

Friedlander says, in her husband's defense, Brooklyn does own several pair of bike shorts and even told her dad that was what she was wearing.

The Friedlander family in 2019: Brad, Aliza, Lila, 5, and Brooklyn, 3.Aliza Friedlander

"She was actually wearing a pair of underwear under the underwear, so she was wearing them as shorts even though they weren't," said Friedlander. "He has never let an epic fail happen like this before ... he spends a ton of time with the girls and gets them dressed all the time, which is what makes this even funnier."

Friedlander said her daughter has a funny and inquisitive personality, and may have been playing a trick on her dad.

"I think she may have actually thought they were shorts, but when I asked her about it she got this huge smile on her face and started cracking up, so I'm not entirely confident our 3-year-old wasn't playing a joke on her father," Friedlander said. "I just thought it was hysterical — I think if I really felt there was a problem or that Brad wasn't a capable father, I wouldn't have found it funny, but I know how wonderful he is and that this was just an unfortunate accident."

This story originally ran on TODAY on July 22, 2019.