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Dad's hilarious 'dead or dying trends' graveyard wins Halloween

The father-of-two has been creating funny gravestones for dead and dying trends for the past three years as a part of his Halloween display.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Being a father of two girls and a middle school art teacher has made Michael Fry a self-proclaimed expert on "what's still in, and what's out."

So the funny New York-based dad started adding a bit of humor to his Halloween yard decorations three years ago, creating gravestones for the "dead or dying trends" from each year.

Michael Fry with his gravestone for homemade slime.Michael Fry

While 2017's gravestones mark the loss of dabbing, the old Taylor Swift, and homemade slime, past years have honored the passing of Crocs, trucker hats and flash tattoos.

Fry's 2017 graveyard for the year's dying trends.Michael Fry

Fry says his creative graveyard was inspired by a universal Disney experience.

"I was inspired by the queue for the Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World years ago," Fry told TODAY Parents. "Their gravestones have humorous rhymes about how the individual died, and I wanted mine to be funny, but current and about relevant things happening now."

Eily and Phoebe Fry in their dad's funny graveyard.Michael Fry
Michael Fry

Fry says his daughters, Eily, 8, and Phoebe, 5, love helping him create each year's gravestones. Fry's wife, Laura, has served as an essential part of coming up with ideas for dying trends.

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"She came up with #roseallday, plump lips and ombre hair this year," said Fry, adding that family and friends also contribute ideas on Facebook. "It's a group effort."

Fry says his daughters believe the dab is alive and well.Michael Fry

Fry says he plans to continue his creative cemetery each year, mostly because it entertains his family, friends and neighbors.

"I love making people laugh, and this seems like a great time of year to remind people that they still can," said Fry. "I try not to be too left, too right, or too controversial. I just want people to walk by and laugh a little, whether they agree or disagree."