Cutest little baby faces: Meet TODAY's Babies of the Week

What's the cure for the Friday blues? Cute babies, that's what.


TODAY's Kathie Lee and Hoda honor new parents everywhere with TODAY's Baby of the Week series, in which we collectively "awwwwww" over cute newborns and hear from their parents.

Enjoy this week's crop of grade-A adorableness. Have you recently had a baby? Click the "add photos" link below if you have a newborn age 0-8 weeks and you'd like to submit his or her photo to possibly be featured online and on air. Click here for the official rules.

Give all those babies a kiss for us!

Brotherly love! Michael and Nicholas, born Jan. 11.
Baby Kayla, born Jan. 18. Dad says he's learned that "Patience is a virtue."
Kai, born Jan. 5. Mom says: "He sometimes squeals like a pig when he's really hungry! It has startled me a few times!"
Claire, born Jan. 11. Mom's words of advice to expectant mothers: "Don't listen to other people's stories! People just want to scare you! It's not that bad!"

But wait, there's more cuteness! Check out these babies submitted online.