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Watch this toddler outsmart his dad to get giant toy at store

Auggie Gallagher, 3, is one determined kid.
/ Source: TODAY

Auggie Gallagher, a 3-year-old in Michigan, doesn’t play around when it comes to his toys.

“He’s a clever little guy and always thinking about how he can get the things he wants,” Auggie’s father Thomas Gallagher tells

More than 72 million people on Instagram have witnessed Auggie’s determination. In a video posted on Jan. 5, Auggie is seen in a big-box retailer clutching a Fisher-Price DJ table. The text on the clip reads, “Told him he could pick out a toy that fits in his hand.”

“It fits in my hand,” Auggie announces to his dad, as he starts down the aisle with his find. Presumably Auggie is headed to checkout area. But not so fast.

“You can carry it, but I said you can get a toy that fits in your hand,” Gallagher reminds Auggie. “Can you hold it in one hand?”

You can see the wheels in Auggie’s head turning. No way is this kid backing down. As suspenseful music plays in the background, Auggie places the large box back on the shelf and … picks it back up by stuffing his little hand through a carrying slot on the box. The proud expression on Auggie’s face is the best part.

“He really said challenge accepted dad,” one person wrote in the comments.

Added another, “Dad, you probably meant ‘a toy that is the size of your hand.’ However, our nephew beat you on a technicality, therefore, he wins.”

For those who are wondering: Auggie did not get the DJ table, but he didn’t leave empty-handed. 

“He lost interest and picked up a fire truck instead,” Gallagher tells

Gallagher says the reactions to the Auggie reel are refreshingly positive. People aren’t always so kind. 

“I post a lot of kid content and there’s often a lot of opinions on how to parent. But with this, there has been no negative feedback, and it’s actually fun to read the comments,” he says. "I'm happy the video is making other people so happy."