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Cheerleading dads perform own routine to support daughters, and they're actually amazing

Meet the Daddy Bolts, a group of fathers who formed their own cheerleading team to perform at a competition to the delight of their cheerleader daughters.
/ Source: TODAY

Meet the cheerleading team where burly truck drivers turn cartwheels, police officers form pyramids and mechanics bust out choreographed dances.

The Daddy Bolts are a group of #GirlDads from New Jersey who will do anything to make their cheerleader daughters smile, even if it means becoming a cheerleading team themselves.

Upon the suggestion of a cheerleading coach, a group of fathers whose daughters make up the Linden-Boro Chargers Cheerleading program decided to form a team of their own.

"We have one thing in common,'' dad Eric Easter told NBC News. "We all have daughters who are very competitive with their cheer. So we just are doing everything we can to show them that we want to be involved in their lives."

The Daddy Bolts put on a show at a cheerleading competition in New Jersey while their daughters got to be fans and cheer them on. You Are My Sunshine Photography

The Daddy Bolts didn't shy away from the spotlight either, as they decided to put on a routine in front of the crowd at their daughters' competition on Sunday at Timber Creek Regional High School in Sicklerville.

"We weren’t sure we were going to be able to pull it off,'' Easter said.

The fathers got together for six practices before the big event, working on their dance moves, cartwheels and more.

"We are sweating, huffing and puffing,'' dad Danny Boguszewski told NBC News. "There is adrenaline pumping when we go."

The more they practiced, the more they enjoyed it.

"That was kind of the fun of it," Boguszewski said. "We thought we were going to make a fool of ourselves, and then we realized, we’re getting all right at this."

The cheerleaders watched as their fathers took center stage on Sunday and nailed their routine.

"It was a reverse role where they were proud of us for a change,'' Boguszewski said.

"I said he's my hero because what he did was insane," Boguszewski's daughter, Kailyn, told NBC News.

The Daddy Bolts didn't take home any big trophies from the competition, but they received the prize they ultimately wanted.

"That’s what it’s about — putting a smile on their face, having them be proud of us, being a girl dad and embracing it and enjoying it," Boguszewski said.