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Best parents ever let son dress as a hot dog for school pictures

Jake, 9, agreed to wear the costume after his dad promised him $10.
/ Source: TODAY

A boy who dressed up as a hot dog for picture day is relishing his viral fame.

Jake Arsenault’s mom was the one who suggested that he dress in costume. But the 9-year-old wasn’t sold on the idea until his dad, Craig Arsenault, offered him 10 bucks.

“Jake was hesitant a first, but I was like, ‘No, it’s gonna be awesome; just trust me,’” Craig Arsensault, 34, told TODAY Parents. He was right.

The 4th grader's classmates at Biddeford Intermediate School in Maine were high-fiving him in the halls.

“Everyone was like, ‘There’s hot dog boy,’” Arsenault raved. “Jake's outgoing and likes being in the spotlight, so it worked out."

Jake Arsenault went viral after he dressed up as a hot dog for school photo day. Craig Arsenault

Arsenault posted a photo of Jake’s ID card on Facebook on Thursday, where it has been shared 31,000 times so far. The same picture will be his school photos.

For other parents wanting to get in on the prank, Arsenault suggests writing a letter to the school like he and his wife, Kari did. Theirs read, “We are aware and OK with Jacob Arsenault’s intention to wear his hot dog costume for school pictures, if possible.”

For added effect, Arsenault signed off with, “Please let this happen!”

Craig and Kari Arsensault sent their 9-year-old to school with a permission note. Craig Arsenault

Praise for the Arsenault family continues to pour in on Facebook. As one person wrote, "If my kid doesn't have some kind of story like this, I'll have failed." Added another, "Life is too short to be serious about everything!"