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Bethany Hamilton's 6-month-old son, Tobias, surfs — well, sort of — in sweet photo

Hang 10, little dude.
/ Source: TODAY

Bethany Hamilton's son may not be able to walk yet, but that's not stopping the little daredevil from taking a cue from his mom and hanging 10.

Hamilton, the surfer who famously survived a shark attack that left her without an arm, recently posted an Instagram photo of her 6-month-old son Tobias floating aboard a surfboard in the Hawaiian ocean. And it's as gnarly as you might expect, where gnarly is defined as "emanating overpowering cuteness."

We can't tell for certain whether that smile's one of pure terror or extreme joy, but we're gonna wishfully assume the latter. You go, Tobias.

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Anyway, regardless of the emotions involved, we're certainly not surprised to see the budding surfer doing his thing at such a remarkably young age.

During the first six — yes, six — months of her pregnancy, his mother continued to surf, both for fun and competitively.


If the training in the womb wasn't enough to do the trick, there seems to have been much effort made to introduce Tobias to the ocean after he entered the real world. The happy family's been sharing fun, watery snaps for a while now.

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