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Best doctor ever performs 'surgery' on young patient's favorite toy

A Wisconsin surgeon is being hailed for his unique bedside manner after he took the time to stitch up a young patient's fraying "Monsters Inc." toy.
/ Source: TODAY

One Wisconsin doctor is being heralded as the best doctor ever after taking the time to stitch up a young patient's broken stuffed toy.

The little boy, Ryan, has Down syndrome and several other health issues. The 9-year-old has had eight surgeries in his life, so when he went to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for surgery in early November, he brought along his favorite toy — a stuffed Mike Wazowski from "Monsters Inc." — for comfort.

Dr. Groth preps the "patient" for surgery.Courtesy of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

His doctor, Dr. Travis Groth, noticed the one-eyed monster was a little tattered and decided to help by stitching him back up, just like he did with Ryan.

"He is extremely, extremely attached to his Mike Wazowski toy," Groth told TODAY. "You might think this is his fourth or fifth one."

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When Ryan woke up from his surgery to find his toy recovering by his side, he was very excited.

"With this little guy, I think it made a huge difference," Groth said. "It relaxes them and from a recovery aspect it helps that they can relate to something."

Ryan and his favorite toy recover from surgery.Courtesy of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

The 44-year-old urologist has seen many kids come in with well-worn toys and has made it a habit to fix them up whenever he can. This was the first time, however, that someone caught him in the act.

He didn't know the photo was being taken, but since it was posted to the hospital's Facebook page it's been liked over 13,000 times, catching the attention of of local and national media.

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The doctor has a pretty good theory about why his small gesture has gotten so much attention online.

"People just like to see empathy towards others. It resonates."

That it does doctor, that it does.