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From Ash to Willow: 32 fall-inspired baby names for autumn-loving parents-to-be

Put down your pumpkin spice latte and check out this list of autumnal baby names.
/ Source: TODAY

From pumpkin spice lattes to apple-picking, the list of things to get excited about in autumn is long. But for fall-loving parents-to-be, the season can also provide a bit of baby name inspiration.

According to Pamela Redmond Satran from baby name website Nameberry, the expanding landscape of baby names — from word names to names based on colors — has brought about an increase in babies named after their parents' season of choice.

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"Many parents today are looking for baby names with meaning, and the season your baby is born can be a great place to find inspiration," Redmond Satran told TODAY Parents. Autumn names that have become especially popular in recent years include Maple, Hazel, Forrest and Willow. The only Autumn name that sounds a bit dated is Autumn itself, but there are dozens of other choices to take her place."

Here are some baby names that leave us daydreaming of jumping in leaves, visiting the pumpkin patch and drinking a PSL by a bonfire.

Fall names for boys

1. Ash

2. Birch

3. Branch

4. Cedar

5. Forrest

6. Leaf

7. November

8. Oak

9. Pine

10. Radley

11. Roux

12. Scorpio

13. Sorrel

14. Septimus

Fall names for girls

1. Ceres

2. Crimson

3. Hazel

4. Juniper

5. Laurel

6. Libra

7. Linden

8. Maple

9. Marigold

10. October

11. Olive

12. Rowan

13. Ruby

14. Sapphire

15. Scarlett

16. September

17. Topaz

18. Willow

This story was originally published in 2018.