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Watch this aunt's incredible reaction to finding out her sister is having twins

This couple had a sweet surprise in story for Aunt Kelly when they took her along for their gender reveal ultrasound.
/ Source: TODAY

At 20 weeks into their third pregnancy, YouTube user MissJill (Jill) and her husband Shawn invited Jill’s sister, Kelly, to attend their gender reveal ultrasound with them. Before Kelly entered the room, however, the couple learned that they were pregnant with twins, making the big reveal even more exciting for Aunt Kelly.

In the video, which the family posted in April and which has since gone viral, Kelly enters the exam room and asks if her sister knows the gender of the baby yet. In an effort to surprise his sister-in-law, Shawn tells her they have not had an ultrasound yet, adding that all they have done up until that point is take measurements.

As the ultrasound begins, Kelly coos over the tiny baby in her sister’s belly, then stops and asks, “Are those two?” When her suspicion is confirmed, the excited aunt erupts into screams of happiness.

“Can I have one? Can I have a baby? I’m so jealous! I’m so happy,” says Aunt Kelly between shrieks.

As Jill cries happy tears on the exam table, her sister tells her, “You tricked me!” and jokes, “You’re gonna need a big van!”

The trio then finds out the babies’ genders together, learning that both are boys.

In the comments section under the video, Jill explains the video’s ending — which shows her son, Matthew, and daughter, Elizabeth, holding two blue flowers that read, “It’s a boy.” Jill jokes that her daughter is crying in one of the photos, due to the fact that, “she’s going to be very outnumbered.”

Jill also expresses her love for her sister in the comments, saying Kelly is “just the best sister and auntie ever.”