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Amy Schumer gets real (funny) about her post-baby body: See her photos

The funny mom says she should be nominated this awards season, but not for her comedy.
/ Source: TODAY

Awards season is in full swing, and Amy Schumer is sharing her feeling that she deserves a different kind of "SAG" award, one only moms will understand.

"I should be nominated for a SAG award #notwheretheyoncewere," Schumer wrote in her post on Instagram, sharing photos of her sweatshirt-covered breasts, which she says have changed a bit since giving birth to son, Gene, in May 2019.

Schumer's fellow moms were quick to comment on the post, sharing words of solidarity.

"Mine act as a floor Swiffer," joked one follower.

"I feel this on a spiritual level," said another.

Nancy Redd, author of “Pregnancy, OMG!: The First Ever Photographic Guide for Modern Mamas-to-Be,” says when it comes to pregnancy, sagging breasts are often par for the course.

"Like cellulite and wrinkles, a person's propensity for sagging boobs after baby is mostly genetic and thus, unpreventable," Redd told TODAY Parents. "As a proud member of the saggy boobs club since puberty — I love Amy's candor about this purely cosmetic issue."

Redd says honest posts like Schumer's should make all women feel beautiful and strong.

"Saggy boobs should have nothing to do with a person's self-worth, mommy or not," said Redd.

Cheers to all the moms in the running for a SAG award of their own!