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This 4-year-old reassures his scared sister at car wash

"See; it's not so scary," the boy tells his 1-year-old crying sister.
/ Source: TODAY

A California drive-through car wash created havoc for one frightened toddler, but thankfully, she had her big brother by her side to reassure her that everything would be fine.

“We are going to get home very fast — we won’t die,” 4-year-old Declan tells his tearful sister, Raleigh, in a video recorded last month by their mother.

Alyssa Price of Los Angeles said the amusing exchange between her children showed reactions “so earnest and adorable” from each one of them that she couldn't resist recording it.

"It was just one of those moments," she said.

Price said she normally visits the drive-through car wash once a month. Her daughter, Raleigh, who turned 2 shortly after the video was recorded, usually is asleep when they go through.

“But this time she was awake and she just started getting really freaked out as we got closer,” she said.

By the time Price thought about backing out, several cars had lined up behind her. But that's when Declan stepped in to save the day.

“Don’t cry!” he shouts, reaching out to rest his hand on his sister’s. Raleigh then picks up her brother's hand to hold — and points at something that has suddenly caught her attention.

Declan and Raleigh, in a less teary moment.
Declan and Raleigh, in a less teary moment.Courtesy of Alyssa Price

The little girl alternates between tearful pouting, all-out wailing, and occasional bemused bewilderment. All the while, Declan continues his best to put her at ease.

“See; it’s not so scary,” he says.

When his sister points behind them, saying, "home," Declan points straight ahead and tells her: “Home that way. Soon.”

Alyssa Price said her son, Declan, is "always showing me how to be a better mom."
Alyssa Price said her son, Declan, is "always showing me how to be a better mom."Courtesy of Alyssa Price

Price said Declan has always been protective toward his little sister.

“He’s always showing me how to be a better mom, and how to be kind," said Price, who also credited her son's pre-school teachers for bringing out her son's sweet side. "They know how to talk to the kids about emotions and how to get on their level and talk them through anything."

At the end of the video, Declan declares "We're going home ... all done" to a clearly delighted, and much happier, Raleigh.

"Do you want to do that again sometime?" he asks her.

"Yeah," his sister squeals.

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