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3-year-old girl wins school picture day with her Supergirl costume

When your toddler wants to wear her favorite outfit to picture day, you don't argue!
/ Source: TODAY

If we've learned anything about how to parent, it's that you listen to your 3-year-old when she says she wants to wear her Supergirl costume to school picture day.

Or so that's what Austin Steinbach, the father of a darling little preschooler whose recent photo went viral after being posted on Oct. 17 to Reddit, recently learned.

Each morning, 3-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach of Rocklin, CA is given three outfit choices for the day. The little fashionista always has the final say.

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"Picture day was the same BUT Supergirl wasn't a pick...she instead looked at what was offered and when I asked she proclaimed "POOTERGIRL" and well, like I've said before, I couldn't argue with that!" he told TODAY.

Kaylieann poses next to her Superman doll!
Kaylieann poses next to her Superman doll! Austin Steinbach

"Pootergirl" is Kaylieann's way of saying "Supergirl" as she has trouble hearing the frequency of "S"'s. The toddler is 75 percent deaf and together with her family, has been working to improve her sign language.

"ASL has really brought out her personality in a whole new way and it has been such a life changing experience to see her come into who she is," he said.

3-year-old refuses to wear anything other than her Supergirl costume for school picture day.
Austin Steinbach

Steinbach describes his little superhero as "unique, tenacious, bold, stubborn, brave, and every other word there is to describe joy, intelligence, and grace."

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And don't think for a second that Supergirl is her only costume! She's been wearing various superhero and princess get-ups since she was an infant, Steinbach said.

Kaylieann recently went to Comic-Con with her dad and his girlfriend Claire Marie D'Antonio.
Kaylieann recently went to Comic-Con with her dad and his girlfriend Claire Marie D'Antonio. Austin Steinbach

"This specific costume she got for our trip to San Francisco Comic-Con and she wore almost two weeks straight up until Comic-Con, which after we had the fight the century to get it off!" he joked.

There's no question with this school photo, Kaylieann did Supergirl proud!