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12 toys for your transitioning tot

Cat Schwartz, eBay's gadget and toy director, has tested the latest in the toddler gadget market and presents the best of the best:
/ Source: TODAY

Cat Schwartz, eBay's gadget and toy director, has tested the latest in the toddler gadget market and presents the best of the best:

Boost your little one’s booty to just the right height on any four-legged chair you may encounter with this spring-loaded device that is amazingly stable and also very portable. Not only will your child be able to sit in any seat, the product is available in a variety of colors to match any home or space. Price: $37.95.

He's baaaack. Elmo is more alive than we've ever seen him! With Elmo now walking, talking, laughing and expressing his every emotion, it's like he's jumped out of the TV and right into your kid’s life. Snatch Elmo Live up when he hits the shelves in October as he's sure to gain the same hype as his predecessor, Tickle Me Elmo. Price: $59.99.

Jack and I live in a small apartment and it baffles me that his room can become so extremely cold while mine is hot. The thought of him being chilly at night often has me up and checking on him several times. This device solves the varying-temperature issue as it keeps track of the temperature and humidity in up to three rooms and sends the info back to a base station. It also has a mold alert system, tells the time and date and gives you weather predictions for your day. Price: $89.99.

Looking for a fun toy that fits into any space? This ride-on toy is perfect! The lightweight plastic frame folds up in a cool way that makes it really easy to travel with or store in any closet or under a bed. Once unfolded, the seat doubles as a bouncer and will be the envy of all the kids on the playground! Price: $64.99.

As many moms know, when potty training your child, it's a good idea to use positive reinforcement. The Jack Potty takes this concept to the limit with music, lights and even spinning shapes when a deposit is made. As a bonus, it comes with a seat that can be taken off and placed on the big potty when the time for no more diapers comes! Price: $29.99.

Keeping your eyes on the kids without them knowing is a great way for each of you to gain independence. Traditionally, the screens on children’s monitors were big and bulky, but now they're sleek. This seven-inch flat screen can be placed anywhere and even comes with a mounting kit for someplace clever like under your kitchen cabinet. Looking for more portability? The unit also comes with a wireless sound unit. Price: $219.99.

Jack needs a bit of light when he sleeps and this gadget does a great job of giving him just that. The wall-mounted moon-shaped lamp actually cycles through all 12 phases of the moon via a remote control. A great way to build on a kid’s fascination with the moon and stars! Price $29.95.

Lugging a car seat through the airport is no longer necessary. This strapping system attaches to the existing seat belt and is extremely portable. For many traveling moms, this is a lifesaver! Price: $74.95.

Kids love their parents’ gadgets, but parents don't like little fingers on their buttons! Now Junior can have his very own MP3 player. This device has 50 different songs and sounds preloaded, or you can upload your choice of tunes. Once it's ready to go, you can use the remote to turn it on and then attach it to the crib or let it live among the other toys. Complete with flashing lights and a cute bunny costume, this is a great toy for that little music lover in your house. $69.99.

This modern-looking device attaches to the bath faucet and serves several purposes: It protects your child from bumping their head on a hard surface, turns water into a waterfall for easy rinsing and has a bubble-bath dispenser. Price: $14.99.

A new take on the traditional sippy cup, the Safe Sippy is made out of an environmentally friendly stainless-steel material that's also nonleaching, easier to use and looks rad. Price: $14.95.

The best way to sleep-train your little one is to give them the ultimate place to sleep! This bed is shaped like a fire engine and has a working night-light on it. It requires a crib-size mattress and creates a safe place to sleep for the future firefighter in your life. Price: Starting at $190.