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Who swears more at work, men or women?

When the f-bombs start flying on the job, is it men or women who are the most likely culprits? A new workplace study has the answer.
/ Source: TODAY

If you hear f-bombs getting dropped at your office, there's a good chance they're coming from your female co-workers.

A new study by work management platform Wrike has found that millennial women swear more on the job than any demographic.

Wrike surveyed 1,542 U.S. workers, finding that 60 percent of women admitted to cursing at work, compared to 55 percent of men, although the men swear at a higher frequency than the ladies.

The study also found that 66 percent of millennials admitted to letting bad words fly on the job compared to 54 percent of baby boomers.

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While 67 percent of millennial women admitted to using profanity at work, it's not like the guys are talking like Ned Flanders or saying rosaries for their female co-workers' souls. They are right behind at 66 percent.

The workers surveyed also said that 94 percent of the curses at work come in face-to-face conversations compared to email or online communication. The boss also sets the tone, as 66 percent said they were more likely to curse if the person in charge is dropping f-bombs.

Angry male and female business people butting heads
A new study finds that millennial women are the most likely to curse at work, slightly ahead of millennial men. Shutterstock

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Baby boomers may have been cursing a blue streak at the office long before millennials were even born, but 45 percent of them said workplace profanity is "too casual and feels unprofessional." Meanwhile, millennials are more tolerant, with 45 percent saying people cursing at work makes no difference to them.

As far as the industries where cursing occurs most frequently, 64 percent of health care workers said they do it. Of those, 45 percent said they curse frequently.

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