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What will royal baby name be? 'Diana,' 'William' top guesses

The whole world is waiting to meet Prince William and Duchess Kate’s royal baby, and many have an opinion about when the newborn will arrive and what his or her name will be. Here at TODAY, we’re letting you guess the baby’s gender, name, and birthday by plugging in your picks at

So far over 10,000 TODAY fans have entered our royal baby guessing pool, but since Kate hasn’t gone into labor yet, there’s still time to play. Need a few pointers? Here’s what we can tell you about the guesses so far:

Duchess Kate and Prince William are due to become parents to the world's newest royal.Alastair Grant / Today

-73 percent are expecting Will and Kate to have a girl. That means the newest royal would be a princess, thanks to Queen Elizabeth's decree earlier this year that the baby be given that title if born a girl. Prior to her decision, a baby girl born to the couple would have been given the title "lady." (According to Buckingham Palace's statement earlier this month, the baby will be either the Prince or Princess of Cambridge, a brand-new title that’s never been used before.)

Princess Diana leaves the hospital with Prince Charles and newborn Prince William in 1982.Anwar Hussein / Today

-Family names are the fan favorites. Not surprisingly, many of you hope that William will honor the memory of his late mother, Princess Diana — her name is the most popular pick by far, with 25 percent choosing it as either a first or middle name for the baby. In second place for most popular girl's name is Elizabeth, while Victoria comes in third place (both have a familiar regal ring). Meanwhile, the top three most popular boys’ names are William, James (Kate’s brother’s name), and Alexander.

While Diana is the sentimental pick, not everyone thinks it’s likely. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told Natalie Morales on Wednesday that the name will “cause controversy." Alexandra, on the other hand, could be a dark horse, according to Fitzwilliams, who told Natalie, “There is a rumor Kate is very keen on the name.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in June.Indigo / Today

-Today's the day? The most-guessed date for Kate's delivery is Wednesday, July 17. If that happens, the baby will share a birthday with another member of the royal family: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who turns 66 on Wednesday.

While Wednesday is the most common guess, the average prediction puts the birth on Thursday, July 18, between 8 and 9 a.m. - right on time for Kathie Lee and Hoda to give the new royal a champagne toast?

Three percent of those who guessed aren't convinced the birth is anytime soon, and are holding out for Duchess Kate to deliver in August.

-The most-guessed baby weight is 7 pounds 2 ounces, although five people think the baby will weigh 12 pounds, 15 ounces, which would be one huge prince or princess!

-Two people really want the royal baby to be named Primrose, after Katniss’ sister in the Hunger Games books. “Princess Primrose" is kind of fun to say, now that you mention it. On the boys’ side, some of the more unusual guesses included Voldemort and Snape, which aren't totally out of the question — Will and Kate do seem to be Harry Potter fans, after all.

Prince Harry, Duchess Kate, and Prince William raise their wands on the set used to depict Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter Films in April.Chris Jackson / Today

-Other less-traditional names bandied about TODAY fans: Adelaide, Colton, Imogene, Donald, Emerson, Arnold, Gertrude, Deedee, Bert, Priscilla, and Vivienne got one vote each. There was also one vote for “Winslet,” most likely for the British movie star.

One voter guessed the royals might pick Savannah, perhaps in honor of our very own Savannah Guthrie? But Savannah likely won't get a royal namesake, as her name is already taken: The queen's first great-grandchild is named Savannah.

-Royal names from other countries are a popular guess. Some TODAY guessers think that William and Kate should think outside the box — or at least outside the country! — for their son or daughter’s name. Suggestions included Fredrik and Mary, the names of the crown prince and princess of Denmark, Caroline, the name of the princess of Monaco, and Madeleine, the name of the Swedish princess.

- Most people think the baby will have at least two names. Considering that William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis, that’s a pretty good guess!

One name that definitely won’t make it? Edward. “What makes Edward unlikely is that the Queen's Uncle Edward VIII abdicated and that has not been forgiven!” Fitzwilliams explained.

There's still time to make your prediction! Head to to submit your guess. If your predictions are right, you might even find yourself featured on TODAY!