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A visit to the ‘City of Light’

Matt chronicles his brief, but beautiful day in Paris.
/ Source: TODAY

At last a somewhat less exhausting trip by air! My time on the Britannia natural gas and oil platform was so great, and I think the viewers really got a sense of what those 144 men and women face every day. But my travels continued, and as soon as the show ended, my helicopter awaited.

THE FOG WAS on our side this time and the trip back to Aberdeen, Scotland was a simple one. After our goodbyes, we boarded another charter jet for the trip to Paris. It was a quick one — just about an hour and a half.

We landed at Paris’ Bourget airport at about 4 p.m. local time. A trip into downtown took just under an hour, and we were all grateful to arrive at the hotel at about 8 p.m.

We all laughed at how happy we were to have a real bed and a place to call “home,” if only for the night. A welcomed shower and a quick change of clothes made me feel like a new man.

We joined the Paris production team for a wonderful dinner downtown. And then I caught some much needed rest!

Wednesday morning was spent preparing for the show, and at 1 p.m. local time, we were on the air.

Even though Paris may not seem like the most exotic of stops on the “Where in the World” tour, I know it remains a favorite for me. The “City of Light” is truly spectacular and our view from the Eiffel Tower provided an amazing backdrop for the show. Paris is one of those cities where you can never spend too much time. And needless to say, I was sorry to have to leave so quickly.

But as always, another plane awaited and right after the show we were on our way back to Bourget where our “own” plane was ready for take-off.

A great stop in Paris, and we were off to day four of “destinations unknown.” Our spectacular journey continues. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on day four of our trip.

More to come —