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Matt's 'just a man'! Viewers send hilarious notes to Savannah's leaked email

During today's show, Matt shared some surprising information: Savannah's email! And the hilarious notes viewers sent didn't disappoint.
/ Source: TODAY

The cat's out of the bag, all right!

In a segment on Thursday called "Cat's Out of the Bag," (a rather appropriate title) the anchors chatted about a recent study claiming that people who prefer dogs over cats are generally happier. But the discussion took a surprising turn when Matt let another cat out of the bag: Savannah's email address.

During the discussion, Savannah suggested Matt be prepared for the tweets he was going to receive from cat lovers on social media and alluded to his Twitter handle, @MLauer.

Matt, paused to think twice about his next move, grinned widely and upped the ante. "It's... (Savannah's email address)," he called out on-air, sharing his co-host's direct contact, though he claims he only meant to share her Twitter handle.

But don't worry! Shortly after, Savannah tweeted to let viewers know that there was actually a "silver lining" to the whole ordeal — because Matt's act led to many sweet notes from TODAY fans.

Here are a few of the great emails she received. A few lucky people even got a response from Savannah herself! (Note: As wonderful as these are, the fun is over. Savannah has a new email address!)

1. Blame it on the gender

Hi Savannah

Don't be too hard on Matt....he's just a man!!! Love the Today it every day!


2. From: Wendi

Just wanted to say how funny You and Matt are together. Can I get concert tix this summer?? Please!

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3. Hello? Hello??


Is it really you???? Is it? Is It? You are the best and I love the Today Show because of all the fun you have. Have fun with the new address.?


4. Remember Matt's flub with Maya Rudolph?

Subject: Matt Lauer gave out your Textmail

5. The sidenote

You look fantastic in yellow!!

Also, Willie and I are destined to be best friends. Spread the word.

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6. Someone isn't mad at Matt

Just wanted to see if this worked. ? Thanks Matt...if it does.

7. Mother-to-mother

Savannah I loved your version of twinkle twinkle little star that you sing to your baby! You're an inspirational mother, I just had a baby boy and love singing to him. PS: Can you get me an ambush makeover with Kathy Lee and Hoda????



8. Or is Matt fooling us all?

You're my favorite news personality. I always look forward to watching you every morning. Don't be mad at Matt — he's not very tech savvy.

Your fan,


9. Subject: 'She's so yellow'

The first words I heard this morning were my wife saying, "she's so yellow". Love your sun-yellow dress!

You and Carson are our favorites because you seem so genuine. The laugh is on Matt... You'll get lots of love mail! Here's a goofy pic of our puppy to brighten your already sunny day.

Don Powers

Don (& Steph but she doesn't condone this email) :)

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10. Dun dun duuuun

Dear Savannah,

Don't worry. I won't be writing to you .....too often.

All my best,


11. It comes with age

Pleases excuse Matt he is getting "old".