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Latest trends and style from Hollywood's best

Make your own 'Sex and the City' fashion statement, find out about
/ Source: TODAY

Which Hollywood hipster is hiding behind camouflage? Why is Angelina Jolie making wishes come true? And how you can become a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha. All that and more from “Today” contributor and style maven Steven Cojocaru.

These tees are made for talking
Now you too can be a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda. "Priorities" is making little tank tops that have your particular "Sex and the City" character affiliation on them. They say "I’m a ... Carrie," "...Samantha," "...Miranda," "...Charlotte."Priorities "I’m a ..." tank tops $32.00. From Intuition in Los Angeles.877-310-8442

Mama Totes
Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Thurman are two Manhattanites who cannot leave home without their babies, and of course their cutest diaper bag!  The two fashionistas carry around an adorable new bag called the "Mama Tote" created by the small NYC-based company, Warm Biscuit Bedding Co., $118 (  The bag holds everything for the busy mom -- including a matching portable changing pad) — without cramping her sophisticated style. It comes in really cute styles and colors, such as hot pink with flowery designs inside, and a pretty black with light powder pink flowers. Mama Tote by Warm Biscuit Bedding Company, $118.

Camouflage bags by Bolsa
Popular with Hollywood’s younger set — cute and durable masculine but sweet. Bags in a camouflage print with words like "Diva" and "Girl" printed in pink and baby blue on the side. Hillary Duff has one that says "Diva". The Olsen twins have bolsas that say "Stuff." Bolsa bags: Girl $280.00, Diva -$250.00, "Stuff" -$60.00. From Intuition in Los Angeles.877-310-8442

Leaf & Rusher's Skincare Products
Renowned plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Norman Leaf and widely respected botox and collagen injection specialist Rand Rusher, R.N. have launched an innovative line of his skincare called "Leaf & Rusher" just this past week at Bergdorf Goodman.  The products are formulated from a blend of natural botanical and marine extracts, combined with the newest, most scientifically advanced pharmaceuticals from laboratories across the globes to deliver maximum results.  They are designed to reverse the signs of aging and environmentally damaged skin in a simple, medically effective program.  Here’s a short list of who uses what:

Jennifer Tilly
The green tea wash, $30The active serum, $110

Kelly Preston The skin tonic - $45The TX formula - $75The active serum, $110

Ali Landry
The active serum, $110The TX formula - $75

Geena Davis
The green tea wash, $30

The Leaf and Rushner skincare is priced between $30-$110.Leaf + Rushner skincare:

Make-a-wish necklace by Dogeared
Close your eyes, make a wish and put on this necklace. When your necklace wears off your wish will come true. It’s a very delicate red string with a little silver wishbone hanging on it. Angelina Jolie gave these out as gifts.Dogeared red string necklace, $25.00.Intuition (L.A) -- 877-310-8442 --

Beyond Yoga by Fila
This super-comfy line of yoga clothing is brand new as of 2004, and has tons of celebrity wearers like Lisa Kudrow, Cindy Crawford, the girls from sex and the city, Charlize Theron, Ashley Judd, and Salma Hayek. The Supplex Lycra sweat-suit is the most popular item to date.Beyond Yoga by Fila (pants, $64 and full zip jacket, $80).Fred Segal, Melrose, 323-651-4129.
Yoga Works in NY, 631-893-5444.