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Jingle hell: Share your holiday horror stories

The holidays can be magical ... and it can also be a great big bummer. Share your holiday horror stories and you might be featured in a story.
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Kristin Kalning writes: It was Christmas Day, 2006, and our plane from Seattle had just landed at George Bush International Airport in Houston. We'd gotten the announcement for the all-clear on mobile phones, and my husband, Steve, fired his up to check messages. I heard him inhale sharply, followed by a none-too-merry expletive.

"What is it? What happened?" I asked anxiously.

"It's the cat sitter," he replied. "She's asking if we loaned our car to somebody, because the garage door is open, and it's gone."

Merry Christmas! We'd been burgled. Not only had the thieves taken our car, but also the PlayStation 3 I'd gotten on loan from Sony. Thankfully, that was it — but it was enough to ruin Christmas.

Everyone's had a less-than-stellar holiday at one time or another. Maybe your parents announced their divorce on Christmas Eve, or your dog chewed up all the presents. Maybe your girlfriend decided to start the New Year by dumping you. If you're willing to share your holiday tale of woe, we're here to listen. (And, potentially publish it in a story about hapless holidays.)

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