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Hot pants to melt away your cellulite and more...

Style guru Steven Cojocaru shares a look at fat-busting shorts, perfumed ice cubes and other must-have items for the celeb set.  Check out the items he discusses on "Today."
/ Source: TODAY

How celebrities are getting “iced-iced, baby.” Why Jude Law is “getting soft.” And which hot pants will melt away your cellulite this summer. All that and more from “Today” contributor and celebrity style expert Steven Cojocaru. Learn more about the items he discussed on “Today”:

Perfume on ice
Kenzoki Perfumed Ice Cubes
Where you can find them:
www.kenzousa.comPrice: $30
Kenzoki has invented what may be the most unusual fragrance idea ever to hit stores!Rice plant-infused ice cubes for the body?! The Perfumed Ice Cubes come in a freezer-handy ice cube container. Each Kenzoki carton has inlets for eight perfume cubes. You freeze them, and then place them on your neck, they slowly melt on warm skin, releasing all sorts of hydrating ingredients, completely reviving your skin and leaving it lightly scented with flowers!

Are you a Betty or Veronica?
“I’m Betty” Tee/”It’s All About Me” Veronica Tee
Where you can find them: Kitson boutique -
www.shopkitson.comPrice: $40
Miramax Films and Archie Comics, in conjunction with LA retail giant Kitson, have come together to launch a new apparel line featuring Betty & Veronica. The line of T-shirts, tanks, hats and accessories are a direct reflection of the good girl vs. bad girl quality in each character. Carmen Electra hosted a very exclusive soiree at Kitson Boutique where they launched the line. Other Veronicas and Bettys in attendance? Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Jen Schefft of “The Bachelor,” Patricia Arquette, Giselle Bundchen, Jessica Capshaw, Hilary Duff, Linda Evangelista, Macy Gray, Nikki Hilton, and Juliette Lewis.

Project Angel Food - Top “Hollywood 100” auction items
Where you can find them: www.angelfood.orgTaking place on Sunday, June 6 at Bonhams & Butterfields auction house on Sunset, the auction of 100 high-end celebrity lots is intended to raise funds for Project Angel Food to upgrade the agency’s kitchen so more clients can be served. The auction will be simulcast live on eBay making it a national event.

Project Angel Food is a non-profit organization which prepares and delivers more than 1,200 free meals every day to men, women and children struggling with AIDS/HIV, cancer and other life-threatening diseases in the Los Angeles area. The auction offers 100 lots of up-close-and-personal experiences with celebrities, walk-on parts on hit TV shows, celebrity-donated Hollywood memorabilia and star treatment packages such as:

1. An on-tour vintage jacket with intricate stitching donated by Cher2. Jennifer Garner’s signature dress (featured in all the advertisements) from “13 Going on 30” 3. An autographed guitar from Tom Hank’spersonal collection (with Polaroid of him with the guitar) 4. Lunch with Sharon Stone -- and a guaranteed kiss! 5. A private tour of the Playboy Mansion grounds and breakfast with a Playmate by Hef’s famous grotto! 6. Enjoy a spiritual experience with Shirley MacLaine on the set of her new movie and receive a collection of movie posters, each personally signed!To learn more about the auction visit:

Cellulite shorts
Medisana Micro-Massage Shorts
Where you can find them:
Price: $99
Want to blast those thighs and decrease cellulite before slipping on your summer bikini? Possibly the scariest thing to happen to your surplus fat stores since the anti-cellulite shoes! Worn regularly, Medisana’s patented massage shorts claim to reduce cellulite via continuous compression, souped-up circulation and increased heat. For best results, wear your Medisana Micro-Massage Shorts as often as possible: while working at your desk, walking the dog, shopping, snoozing. These “hot” pants are simply fat-taxing attire.

Guy gear
Guy Gear Face Mud
Where you can find it:
www.issimointernational.comPrice: $22
To all guys out there: Ever think it’d be possible (or beneficial) to scrub your skin each night with nutrient-rich mud from the Dead Sea — without traveling far and wide to attain it? Well Jude Law has figured out the secret. He’s been using Guy Gear Face Mud in the last couple of months. His makeup artist got her hands on the brand new product before the June 1 launch. This all-natural, 100 percent botanical mud treatment (specially imported from the deepest depths of the Dead Sea) does everything from cleansing to detoxifying skin, to giving it a smoother/clearer look. The mud is even proven to firm facial muscles.